Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cecil L. Williamson TSA Educational Grant winners announced

Prior to the start of the afternoon session of the Sunday afternoon session of the 2015 TSA Championship (approximately 12:20 on Sunday 7/26/2015), TSA President Cathy Traugot, assisted by TSA Treasurer Jenny Smith, drew 25 names from the final list of eligible TSA graduating seniors.

The list of winners, and the order in which their name was drawn is below. 

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Each winner will receive an Educational Grant in the amount of $400.  These checks will be mailed out to the address of record for each swimmer when they entered their application.

Order Drawn
Name (Team)
Robyn Dennis (Springdale)
Jessica Boland (Shepherd's Vineyard)
Katherine Boyle (Lochmere)
Luke Boland (Shepherd's Vineyard)
Griffin Rogers (Northbrook)
Lucas Wylie (Greystone)
Matt Smothers (Eagle Ridge)
Justin Ress (Shepherd's Vineyard)
Kayla Hansen (Olive Chapel)
Kelsey Lawton (Dutchman Downs)
Ashlyn Kerls (Hawthorne)
Jackson Creasy (Lochmere)
Sandy Lackman (Shepherd's Vineyard)
Katherine Patetta (Silverton)
Emma Hughes (Greystone)
Kelli Davison (Dutchman Downs)
Ben Matthews (Shepherd's Vineyard)
Jenny Rankin (Shepherd's Vineyard)
Julia Hansen (Olive Chapel)
Paige Arbutina (Brier Creek)
Sarah Parker (Lochmere)
Drew Bunting (Lake Park)
Sami Makseyn (Wellington Park)
Christopher Gebbia (Regency)
Bronson Boucher (Lochmere)

Monday, July 27, 2015

2015 National Hispanic Heritage Swim Meet

A Meet Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

The Raleigh Swimming Association (RSA) is hosting the inaugural National Hispanic Heritage Swim Meet at Sonner Aquatic Facility on Saturday, September 5th. Swimmers from your TSA team are cordially invited to participate.  This meet is open to club-affiliated and non-year-round swimmers of all levels. TSA teams are welcome to enter relay teams.

The goal of this meet is to foster swim awareness and water safety among Latino/Hispanic youth. Warm up will begin at 1:30 pm and the meet will begin at 2:30 pm. Medals and ribbons will be awarded.  Immediately following the meet, RSA is hosting a dinner with a guest speaker.
We would love to have TSA swimmers participate in the meet. Please contact nhhsm@swimrsa.org for a registration form or call (919) 859-4881 if you have questions. We look forward to seeing you on September 5th.

Host:       Raleigh Swimming Association (RSA)
Date:       Saturday, September 5, 2015
Time:       1:30 pm warm ups and 2:30 pm start
Location:  Sonner Aquatic Facility
               1013 Jones Franklin Road
               Raleigh NC 27606
Who:       Open to club-affiliated and non-year-round swimmers of all levels.
Limits:     Swimmers may swim three events and 1 relay.
Cost:       Participant fee: $13.00 per swimmer
               Individual/Relay event fee: $3.00 per event per swimmer
               Late entry: Double event fees
               Speaker dinner: $5.00 per person

Friday, July 24, 2015

TSA 2015 Division Winners announced!

Another great TSA regular season has come to an end. It seems like only 6 weeks ago we started out this season, and now it is already over. We hope you all enjoyed the season, and that your kids, parents and coaches had a great time.  The weather cooperated, for the most part, and we only topped 95 degrees at 6:00 pm once, I believe.

Before we finish up the 2015 season with the TSA Championship this weekend at the Triangle Aquatic Center, I wanted to announce the Division winners in each league.

For those teams competing in the TSA Championship, we will present your trophy to your team on the pool deck before the start of the afternoon session on the day your team is swimming. Note: Please plan on being on the pool deck around 12:30 on the day your team is competing.  If you are not competing in the TSA Championship we would still love you for to accept your team's trophy during the presentation on either Saturday or Sunday.

Congratulations to the following teams for winning your division!  We had some very exciting meets and division races this year. Thank you all for contributing to a safe, competitive, and most important, fun, TSA season.

North League Division 1
Seven Oaks Marlins
North League Division 2
Lake Park Marlins
North League Division 3
Meredith Townes Mudpuppies
North League Division 4
Wood Valley Otters
North League Division 5
Brier Creek Barracudas
North League Division 6
Granite Falls Gators
North League Division 7
Planter's Walk Piranhas
North League Division 8
Durant Trails Typhoons
North League Division 9
Crabtree Swimming Machine
North League Division 10
Carlyle & Chatsworth Lakers
South League Division 1
Shepherd's Vineyard Killer Whales
South League Division 2
Sunset Ridge Barracudas
South League Division 3
Silverton Sharks
South League Division 4
Wellsley Wave
South League Division 5
Medfield Sharks
South League Division 6
Regency Riptides
South League Division 7
Glenridge Gators
South League Division 8
Brookstone Barracudas
South League Division 9
Preston Village Tiger Sharks
South League Division 10
Clubworx Sharx
South League Division 11
Kitts Creek Killer Whales
South League Division 12
Bella Casa Barracudas

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Match for Kevin on Thursday

Join the members at Lakemont Swim & Tennis Club this Thursday, July 16, for a Be The Match Registry event in support of Kevin LeCount, board president of the club.

Kevin was recently diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). In addition to leading the club's board, he's also the proud father of Nathan, a swimmer on the Lakemont Torpedoes swim team (shown in the photo above, with his dad). Kevin's friends and family are working with Be The Match to ensure that Kevin and all searching patients have the best opportunity to find a matching donor for a life-saving marrow/stem cell transplant.

Who: Anyone ages 18-44 who meets the eligibility requirements and is willing to donate to any searching patient can participate.
What: The swab event simply means filling out a registration form and having the inside of your cheek swabbed to have your tissue type tested -- it only takes about 15 minutes.
Where: Lakemont Swim & Tennis Club, 409 Harvard Street in midtown Raleigh
When: Thursday, July 16, anytime between 4:30 and 7 p.m.

"I’m a new patient with AML including the FLT3 gene mutation, which I’ve labeled a 'pesky' leukemia because, after chemo, it tends to come back," Kevin said. "My version of leukemia is almost never survivable without a successful bone marrow transplant and I’m seeking a donor."
Every day, thousands of patients are diagnosed with life-threatening diseases like Leukemia. Many patients hope for a marrow donor with matching tissue type, which is different from a matching blood type. Because tissue typing is inherited, patients are more likely to match someone of their own race or ethnicity. People of all races and ethnicity are needed to join Be The Match Registry.

Joining the registry is easy. Be The Match asks every person who joins to registry to keep their contact information up to date and remain committed to donating if called as a potential match for a patient. Patients are counting on all of us to stay committed to our life-saving mission.

The Be The Match registry is operated by the National Marrow Donor Program, a nonprofit organization founded in 1987. Be The Match is dedicated to creating connections within communities to save lives through promoting awareness and education about bone marrow and increasing the number of potential donors on the Be The Match Registry. Only about 30% of patients can find a suitably matched donor among their family members. The remaining 70% require an unrelated donor who can make their transplant possible. Because the odds that two random individuals are HLA matched exceeds one in 20,000, a registry's success depends on a large number of volunteer donors.

For more information, contact Betsie Letterle with Be The Match Marrow Registry at (919) 414-8312 or bletterl@nmdp.org.