Sunday, July 24, 2011

Winners of the 2011 Cecil L. Williamson TSA Educational Grants

In a quadruple-blind random drawing, the TSA Executive Committee (the four officers of the Association) today selected the following 25 grant winners from the 119 names submitted as qualified candidates for the $400 Cecil L. Williamson TSA Educational Grants. Congratulations to these swimmers, and to all the other recent high school graduates who participated on TSA teams this summer.

Tara Baitsholts (Springdale)
Lauren Ball (Summerfield North)
Jenna Beci (Shepherd's Vineyard)
Cara DeVries (Shepherd's Vineyard)
Stephanie DiBenedetto (Stonebridge)
Michael Dickey (Lochmere)
Jack Disney-Huss (Hasentree)
Lauren Frederick (Wendell)
Grace Harvey (Springdale)
Megan Hoerauf (Walden Creek)
Nicole Jackson (Heritage of Wake Forest)
Haley Lingle (Lake Park)
Alex Mills (Summerfield North)
Merritt Nettles (Brier Creek)
Tyler Owens (Oxxford Hunt)
Megan Przybyla (Greystone)
Meghan Radman (Lochmere)
Christine Schulze (Shepherd's Vineyard)
Alec Seigle (JCC)
Carolynn Spadafino (JCC)
Ryan Spalding (Lochmere)
Anne Thelen (Northbrook)
Curtis Thomas (MacGregor Downs)
Kelsey Tuttle (Cary Park)
Maria Wynn (Scotts Mill)

2011 Division Champions

[From Vice President Janine Huss:]

Congratulations to our Divisional Winners for 2011!

TSA Overall Champion: Prestonwood Piranhas

Northern League Division 1 Champions: Seven Oaks Marlins
Northern League Division 2 Champions: University Club Psychomen
Northern League Division 3 Champions: Heritage of Wake Forest Betas
Northern League Division 4 Champions: Stonebridge Stingrays
Northern League Division 5 Champions: Riverwood at Mingo Creek Rays
Northern League Division 6 Champions: Planters Walk Piranhas
Northern League Division 7 Champions: Brier Creek Barracudas
Northern League Division 8 Champions: Meredith Townes Mudpuppies
Northern League Division 9 Champions: Hasentree Hammerheads
Northern League Division 10 Champions: Banbury Woods Dolphins

Southern League Division 1 Champions: Prestonwood Piranhas
Southern League Division 2 Champions: Silverton Sharks
Southern League Division 3 Champions: Cary Park Sea Dragons
Southern League Division 4 Champions: Apex Breakers
Southern League Division 5 Champions: Devereaux Devil Rays
Southern League Division 6 Champions: The Reserve Stingrays
Southern League Division 7 Champions: Eagle Ridge Soaring Eagles
Southern League Division 8 Champions: Garner Dolphins
Southern League Division 9 Champions: Haddon Hall Hammerheads

Divisional winners all trophies can be picked up at Creative Images in Cary starting on Monday.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Educational Grant entry deadline extended until noon Sunday

Since we have seen at least one instance of a Rep's email not making it to Debra on the first try, we have extended the deadline for submitting entries for the Cecil Williamson TSA Educational Grants until noon tomorrow (Sunday, July 24). If your club's name appeared on the list of the 40 teams from whom Debra had not received an entry as of yesterday, please send it to her again by the new deadline. Remember to use the spreadsheet template she sent out with the original announcement. We will conduct the drawing itself later the same afternoon.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Effects of the smoky day on meets

Tuesday, June 21 was a day when most of the Triangle fell under a pall of smoke from wildfires in other parts of the state. This caused problems for some meets, and engendered controversy at many more. Here's a summary of how the 39 meets that week tackled the smoke issue:

Meets that started and finished (perhaps truncated due to thunder/lightning) on Tuesday, reporting their results by early Wednesday evening (27):

Banbury Woods 285, Hawthorne 208
Haddon Hall 207, Bentwinds 151
Brookstone 251, Garner 209
Meredith Townes 277, Carlyle & Chatsworth 186
North Raleigh 252, Coachman's Trail 173
Hasentree 287, Crabtree 197
Eagle Ridge 231, Crooked Creek 107
Greystone 261.5, Wood Valley 111.5
Harrington Grove 217.5, Falls River 156.5
Highcroft 192.5, Glenridge 181.5
Hollands Crossing 266.5, Wellington Park 143.5
Lake Park 272, Abbington 242
Manchester 253, TCC Brentwood 193
Northbrook 223, Quail Hollow 151
Planters Walk 242, Durant Trails 213
Scotts Mill 243.5, Dutchman Downs 130.5
Cary Park 285, Silverton 229
Wakefield Plantation 230, Southall 139
Stonebridge 200, Heritage of Wake Forest 173
Carpenter Village 296, TAC 116
The Reserve 211.5, Park Village 162.5
Sunset Ridge 224, Walden Creek 144
Weatherstone 219, Oxxford Hunt 180
Charleston Village 207.5, Weldon Ridge 157.5
Shepherds Vineyard 214, Wellsley 159
Black Horse Run 250, Wendell 140.9
Granite Falls 361, Zebulon & Zebulon Country Club 136

Meets that started on Tuesday but had to finish on Wednesday due to thunder/lightning (4):

Brier Creek 286, Hedingham 226
Cary 275.5, Kildaire Farms 229.5
Prestonwood 259, Seven Oaks 253
University Club 1, Springdale 0 (Springdale forfeited on Wednesday because they had already planned another team event for that day!)

Meets that never started on Tuesday because both TSA Reps had already agreed to postpone to another day due to smoke (5):

Apex 288.5, Devereaux 225.5
Jewish Community Center 259.5, Lakemont 252.5
Regency Park 253, Medfield 250
Summerfield North 265, North Hills 197
Lochmere 290.5, Scottish Hills 223.5

Meets that never started on Tuesday because the pool manager had already closed the pool due to smoke (2):

Riverwood at Mingo Creek 235, Bedford at Falls River 211
Olive Chapel 357, MacGregor Downs 157

Meets that were forfeited because one team was willing to swim on Tuesday but the other was unwilling due to the smoke (1):

Oak Park 1, North Ridge 0