Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Meets with 5 lanes?

Need some quick advice. How does a meet work when you have an odd number of lanes? Hollands Crossing has 5. Advice?


Bob Goudreau said...

See section 101.2.4 of the Rules (http://www.tsanc.org/about/documents/pdf/2007_TSA_Rules.pdf):

Each club may swim three persons in each individual main event, except in pools with fewer than six lanes, where only
four lanes will be used. Where four lanes are used, only two persons per individual main event may swim for each club.

So leave Lane 5 empty for main events. For heats, you can share that lane between the two teams using any method that is mutually agreeable to the two teams. For instance, give the home team first dibs on Lane 5 for boys' events and the visiting team first dibs on it for girls' events. Or maybe just give the right of first refusal to the larger team for the entire meet. Of course, standard lane-filling protocol still applies: if the team that nominally "owns" a lane doesn't need it in a particular heat, then the Clerks of Course should fill that lane with a swimmer from the other team.

Coleman Poag said...

Lane 5 doesn't have to go empty in main events, it just can't count in the results. So, if your team has 2 main event and 5 heat swimmers and the other team has 2 main event and 6 heat swimmers, you are allowed to swim an exhibition swimmer during the main event to reduce the required number of heats.