Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Reminder: April Board meeting is CANCELED; results of rules ballot

Just a reminder that the April TSA Board of Directors meeting originally scheduled for April 15th has been canceled in accordance with a motion that passed by acclamation at the March meeting. Our final Board meeting this spring will be held on May 20th. Everyone is now free to finish filing their taxes without TSA getting in the way :-).

The rules proposals cited below all passed. The rulebook has been modified accordingly and the final 2008 version that will go to the printers can be viewed here. It will also soon be available on the TSA web site.

52 clubs voted on the proposed rules changes, so a quorum was achieved. Clubs not voting were: Bedford, Bentwinds, Charleston Village, Durant Trails, Eagle Ridge, Harrington Grove, Hawthorne, Heritage of Wake Forest, Kildaire Farms, Lakemont, Manchester, North Ridge, Regency Park, Scottish Hills, Scotts Mill, Shepherd’s Vineyard, University Club, Weatherstone and Wellsley.

The first measure passed by a margin of 51-1.

The second measure passed by a margin of 47-5.

The third measure passed by a margin of 47-5.

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