Monday, February 2, 2009

Some followup from last week's Board of Directors meeting

I want to thank everyone for making Tuesday’s Board meeting a success. Even with the last-minute rescheduling caused by the prior week’s snowstorm, turnout was still over 90 percent (68 of our now-74 member teams were able to attend), and we resolved all the business that we set out to cover.

As mentioned during the meeting, all teams have been assigned to a committee except in cases where last year’s Rep indicated in the post-season survey that they would not be returning. Those teams were listed as “exempt” in the committee assignments on the last page of the meeting agenda. However, as we discussed Tuesday, there are other teams who have introduced brand-new TSA Reps since the time of the survey, and all of these Reps are also eligible for the “rookie exemption” should they wish to exercise it. (Remember, rookies may choose to serve as members of their assigned committees even though they are not required to do so.) However, if you do wish to exercise your exemption, you must send me email to that effect! So far, only a single team has done so. Unless I hear from you by next Sunday, I will assume that no more exemptions are needed.

On the subject of new Reps, I wanted to make everyone aware of how you can use the features of the TSA web site to manage the Reps and Alternates for your club. I’ve written a short document that walks through (with screenshots) all the tasks that you might ever need to perform on behalf of your club:

  • Adding a new TSA Rep or Alternate
  • Changing your contact information and/or password
  • Deactivating (Retiring) a TSA Rep or Alternate
  • Switching a TSA Rep to an Alternate and vice versa

A link to this document is now also available under the “Information for Clubs’ TSA Representatives” section of the TSA home page for general reference.

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