Monday, August 31, 2009

2009 Post-Season Survey

I apologize for not having this ready sooner, but the 2009 TSA Post-Season Survey is finally available on-line here, just in time for Labor Day.

One of the most important functions of this year’s survey is to get your feedback on the three different locations we used for Board of Directors meetings earlier this year. Since I will have to start reserving our 2010 meeting venues by early autumn, I ask you all to please complete the survey by the end of September so that I will have a reasonable number of responses to guide my 2010 booking decisions. Filling out the survey sooner rather than later is also an advantage because your memories of the recently-completed season will still be fresh. If your team has multiple reps or alternates, please coordinate among yourselves so that only one of you completes the survey. However, within that single response, you are encouraged to incorporate feedback from all individuals who shared the responsibilities of TSA rep for your team over the previous year.

Note that this survey is not the Fall Election for the two offices whose terms expire this year (Secretary and President). That election will also be conducted via a web vote, but not until later this fall (or at the January meeting if no candidates are forthcoming before then). However, clubs must participate in both of the on-line polls (this Survey and the forthcoming Election) in order to receive attendance credit for the Fall Board (virtual) Meeting. If your club has not yet satisfied the annual meeting participation requirement (attending at least three Board meetings), you cannot afford to miss this final opportunity to get attendance credit.

On the subject of elections, please contact any of the four current officers if you are interested in running for either of these offices yourself. All nominations are welcome!

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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