Thursday, January 7, 2010


The Marlins of Raleigh year-round swim team is hosting an 11-week clinic called the Winter Swim League at the St. Mary's School pool in central Raleigh. Registration information and details are on our website at In addition to swimmers we would love to add a few coaches to the staff to assist our own coaches in the running of this clinic. We will compensate those who can help us. The Winter Swim League (WSL) is being run in two groups. We have a Monday & Thursday group and a Wednesday & Friday group. Both groups are in the water for 45minutes each day. If you are interested in helping to coach either of these groups, please contact Jonathan Watson at The MOR office phone number is 919-851-3000. If anyone has swimmers interested who might like to participate in the MOR WSL program, the Mon/Thurs group is FULL, but we could accommodate a few more swimmers on Wed/Fri.

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