Sunday, July 24, 2011

Winners of the 2011 Cecil L. Williamson TSA Educational Grants

In a quadruple-blind random drawing, the TSA Executive Committee (the four officers of the Association) today selected the following 25 grant winners from the 119 names submitted as qualified candidates for the $400 Cecil L. Williamson TSA Educational Grants. Congratulations to these swimmers, and to all the other recent high school graduates who participated on TSA teams this summer.

Tara Baitsholts (Springdale)
Lauren Ball (Summerfield North)
Jenna Beci (Shepherd's Vineyard)
Cara DeVries (Shepherd's Vineyard)
Stephanie DiBenedetto (Stonebridge)
Michael Dickey (Lochmere)
Jack Disney-Huss (Hasentree)
Lauren Frederick (Wendell)
Grace Harvey (Springdale)
Megan Hoerauf (Walden Creek)
Nicole Jackson (Heritage of Wake Forest)
Haley Lingle (Lake Park)
Alex Mills (Summerfield North)
Merritt Nettles (Brier Creek)
Tyler Owens (Oxxford Hunt)
Megan Przybyla (Greystone)
Meghan Radman (Lochmere)
Christine Schulze (Shepherd's Vineyard)
Alec Seigle (JCC)
Carolynn Spadafino (JCC)
Ryan Spalding (Lochmere)
Anne Thelen (Northbrook)
Curtis Thomas (MacGregor Downs)
Kelsey Tuttle (Cary Park)
Maria Wynn (Scotts Mill)

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Bob Goudreau said...

Modified today to remove Jessie Godlewski, who must decline her Grant in order to remain in compliance with NCAA rules regarding her full athletic scholarship. A supplemental drawing was held to select a new Grant recipient; Curtis Thomas was the lucky winner.