Monday, October 17, 2011

Agenda for Fall Board of Directors Meeting

This is your friendly reminder that the Fall TSA Board of Directors meeting is coming up this Tuesday (October 18) at 7:00. We will be meeting at the NC State University Club, site of our May meeting. The meeting agenda is available here. The minutes of the May meeting are still being prepared, but I hope to send them out by tomorrow evening.

Bear in mind that the State Fair is underway, and traffic near the club will be heavier than usual, so it would be advisable to leave extra time for travel. My recommendation is to approach from the I-440 Beltline (Exit 3 to Hillsborough Street / NC 54) so that you can avoid Blue Ridge Road and the part of Hillsborough Street that passes next to the fairgrounds, even if you are coming from the west.

On another topic, I’m pleased to announce two enhancements to the TSA web site. Each team page now has two additional properties to describe its pool facility:

Lighting – set to one of:
“This pool has deck lighting and is licensed to operate at night”
“This pool is not licensed to operate past dusk”
“The lighting situation for this pool is unknown”

Starting Blocks – set to one of:
“This pool has starting blocks”
“This pool does NOT have starting blocks”
“The starting block situation for this pool is unknown”

Both properties have been initialized to the “unknown” state for every club, so I am asking you all to log in to your account and modify your club’s lighting and starting block properties to the correct values.

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