Monday, January 30, 2012

IX3 sports TSA swim clinics

[iX3]sports has offered individual and group athletic development training in multiple sports: swimming, running, triathlon, and speed & agility development since 2006. 2012 marks the inaugural year for the [iX3]sports professional swimming team that includes International Olympians and USA Swimming National Team members. In the summer of 2012, [iX3]sports is offering that swimming and athletic development knowledge to local swim clubs.

Clinic participants will learn skills they can apply immediately in their next competition. Additionally, our coaches will meet with your coaching staff, discuss specific drills for each competitive stroke and provide them with a packet of drills they can refer to in the future.

Topic Options:  There are three clinic topic options to choose from:

  • Comprehensive - Highlight important features of all competitive strokes, turns. Introduce basic drills and techniques.
  • Single Stroke - Focused solely on one stroke with in depth technique and drill instruction, including the turn and start.
  • Starts & Turns – This clinic focuses solely on starts and turns and racing technique. 
Professional Coaches: [iX3]sports’ lead coaches each have over 30 years experience in swimming and coaching.

Length: 2 ½ hours:  10 & Under, one hour;  11 & Older, one hour; Coaches Training, 30 minutes.

Cost: $25 per swimmer, with a 30 swimmer minimum (combined – both sessions).  

For more detailed clinic and contact information, click here.

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