Saturday, March 17, 2012

Coaching Clinic announcement

Each season the clinics committee schedules a clinic for coaches at a North Division Club and a South Division Club in May.

Northbrook is hosting a Coaching Clinic on Wednesday, May 23 in their clubhouse. The time is 7:00 PM. Clubs must send at least one coach to a Coach’s clinic each year.

Last season several clubs inquired about whether their coaches attended and what type of material was presented. Instructors are experienced coaches that provide excellent information as well as useful resources to help your coaches. For more information about a coaching clinic review a presentation from a previous coaching clinic. We take attendance at these clinics.

Another Coaching Clinic is also planned and the date in May is pending. Watch the TSA blog and your email for additional clinic announcements. If you have questions please contact Tony McCullough from the clinics committee.

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