Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fender Passport P-250 Portable Sound System For Sale

Complete system perfect for use at swim meets, neighborhood movie night, etc.  System details below.  Also included are two speaker stands (and carry bag), and a wireless microphone (Fender WTX-1).  Asking $500.  Please email Kevin McElroy or call  919-889-1732.

Detailed Description:
Carry your Passport as you would a large sized suitcase. Flip open the two latches, and you’ll discover two full-range speaker cabinets, a powered mixer, two dynamic microphones, and all the cables you need to get started. Use your Passport to amplify voices, musical instruments, CDs, tape playback and more. Passport’s quick and easy set-up, its ability to cover large audiences and simple operation are the hallmarks of this new and innovative product. The Passport’s control panel features 4 stereo channels with 8 inputs (4 XLR, & 4 line input) and left and right RCA input jacks to allow for music playback from a CD or cassette player. Moreover, four 6.5” speakers in each cabinet work together to deliver clean full range  coverage, while the self-powered mixer provides 250 watts of clear stereo sound. When speaking to the masses, the Passport’s VIP (Vocal Input Priority) feature can be used to reduce or “duck” the background music level as you begin to speak and then restores it when you have finished speaking. Experiment with the tone controls, digital reverb, speaker placement and discover the Passport’s incredible versatility.

Link to Manual

250 Watts of Clear Stereo Sound
Built-in Digital Reverb

VIP™  (Vocal Input  Priority)  Automatically Lowers Background Music When Speaking Speaking into Mic 1 Input

3-Pin XLR, 1/4 inch TRS and Stereo RCA Input Jacks Accommodate Almost Any Input Connection
Individual Controls On Each Channel Patch Point for Outboard Gear Switchable  Line  Voltage  For  Easy  Use Anywhere In The World

Switchable Main/Monitor Operation

Everything You Need To Get Started:
·        Passport Mixer Amplifier
·        One Wireless Microphone (Fender WTX-1)
·        Two Microphones (Fender P-51)
·        Two Microphone  Cables
·        Two Speaker Cables Power Cable
·        Two High Sensitivity, Full-Range Speaker Enclosures
·        Two Speaker Stands (with carry bag)

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this system has been sold!!