Saturday, July 20, 2013

Winners of the 2013 Cecil L. Williamson TSA Educational Grants

In a public drawing held at the start of the Saturday afternoon session of the TSA Championship Meet, President Cathy Traugot and Vice President Todd Blandford selected the following 25 grant winners from the 129 names submitted as qualified candidates for the $400 Cecil L. Williamson TSA Educational Grants. Congratulations to these swimmers, and to all the other recent high school graduates who participated on TSA teams this summer.
(Names are listed in the order they were drawn)

Stephanie Schulze (Shepherd's Vineyard)
Danielle Makseyn (Wellington Park)
Torie Pena (Dutchman Downs)
Robbie Poston (University Club)
Melissa Goto (Seven Oaks)
Chris Johnson (Cary)
David Craig (Coachman's Trail)
Brodie Walton (University Club)
Thomas Hoppe (Lake Park)
Anna Morison (Sunset Ridge)
Hannah Reetz (Crabtree)
Shannon Scovel (Prestonwood)
Helena Arose (Scottish Hills)
Elliot Hunt (Dutchman Downs)
David Stump (University Club)
Adam Poltorak (Haddon Hall)
Brant Boucher (Lochmere)
Colby Anderson (Shepherd's Vineyard)
Mitchell Burgess (Bedford at Falls River)
Rachel Wynn (Heritage of Wake Forest)
Brandi Newsome (Quail Hollow)
Brinkley Raynor (Wendell)
Alex Haugh (North Hills)
Nicolas Chomette (Oak Park)
Claire Liu (Cary Park)

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