Thursday, May 7, 2015

A note to all who know Dr. Brian Goldman

Good evening all,

I'm just realizing that I've been remiss in passing along some very somber news to the TSA community; for those of you not already aware, our head coach Brian Goldman, a Raleigh native, physician, lifelong competitive swimmer, and first and only head coach of the Meredith Townes Mudpuppies, is nearing the end of his almost two year battle with cancer. Many of you know him from his involvement in summer swim league, still others of you know him as a RAM swimmer (or earlier, as a Duke swimmer), or perhaps you even grew up with Brian. Regardless of how you came to know him, his passion for life was infectious; everything he has done, he has done with grace and passion. The Mudpuppies are proud to be a part of his legacy.

So, essentially, I'm just writing to let those of you who know Brian that there is a website where his dear wife Michele has been sharing news of his battle, and where anyone can post comments, pictures, words of inspiration, and memories to buoy Brian's spirit. Michele reads them all to Brian. He is currently at Rex hospital, but my sense is that he is not up to visitors any more. Here is the site:

Peace and thanks to all,
Steve Ross
Meredith Townes Mudpuppies

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