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Wellsley Wave Swim Team Head Coach

Wellsley Wave Swim Team
Head Coach Job Description

1.  Communication with Parent Coach Liaisons
       Head Coach will report to the Parent Coach Liaisons throughout the season, including for any personnel issues that may arise.  Head Coach will bring all disputes both on an internal coaching level and external parent level to the Parent Coach Liaisons.  Liaisons will work directly with the coaches to resolve all disputes in a timely and efficient manner.  If the coach is not satisfied with the resolution of the dispute, he/she may request to meet with the Swim Team Co-Chairs.
       Head Coach reviews will be administered by the Parent Coach Liaisons.  Mid-season reviews will include feedback from Assistant Coaches, Interns, and Swim Team Committee.  End-of-season reviews may include feedback from parent survey.  Performance will be rewarded based on input from all levels.

2.  TSA and Swim Team Committee
       Attend all mandatory TSA coaches' meetings (one is expected).
       Sign and comply with Coach's Code of Conduct Contract, as required by TSA.
       Attend season-opening Ice Cream Social and speak briefly to parents and swimmers.
       Attend a maximum of three Swim Team Committee meetings to review season progress.
       Attend Swim Team Banquet at close of season, speak, and distribute trophies and awards.

3.  Practices and Meets
       Afternoon/evening-only practices will be held until Wake County traditional schools complete the year.  Thereafter, both morning and evening sessions will be scheduled.  Saturday practices, time trials, and stroke clinics will be scheduled for mornings only.  You will be expected at all scheduled practices for your assigned swimmers, as well as time trials, clinics, and swim meets.  One Head Coach is required at each practice.
       Schedule weekly practice coverage for all morning and afternoon practices.  Scheduling will occur at the start of the season.  Approve hours worked by all coaches.
       Provide instruction and coaching services to Wellsley Swim Team members assigned to you.
       Create schedule to teach weekly stroke progression and drills throughout the season.  This should include freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly strokes.  Post this schedule along with any pertinent drills the children are working on to the Parent/Coach Board or team website.
       Perform coach's duties at one practice meet, weekly dual meets (6 expected), Cary City Meet, and one other large meet if our team chooses to participate.  The entire coaching staff is expected to stay for the duration of every meet.
       Prepare weekly dual meet entries and weekend meet entries for your assigned swimmers.
       Assist in set-up for all home meets, including arranging deck furniture, installing starting blocks, and setting up backstroke flags and lane ropes.  Ensure Assistant Coaches and Interns are on a rotating schedule to help with meet set-up and clean-up.  Ensure Interns are responsible for ribbon distribution at home meets.
       Assist in set-up and removal of starting blocks, lane ropes, and backstroke flags for each block of practices.
4.  Social Activities, Communication, and Attitude
       Demonstrate a positive attitude for the benefit of swimmers, parents, and the Committee.
       Give swimmers specific feedback both during practices and at meets, always in a positive and encouraging manner.
       Manage Personal Best program for swimmers assigned to you and the Assistant Coaches.  Recognition of personal improvement is a fundamental value of our team.  Swimmers' times will be posted at the pool or accessible through email/website prior to noon Wednesday after a Tuesday meet.  Swimmers' times will be posted at the pool or accessible through email/website prior to noon Monday after any Saturday time trial.  Coach will also participate in training to enter swimmers' times into the TSTA and Hytek registration/swimmer databases, and complete these entries after every meet.
       Create and maintain Parent/Coach Board located at the pool.  Update the board/site every week so the parents can feel informed.  Include meet records and any other fun and motivational information parents can use to encourage their child to do their best.
       Work with the Social Committee to help execute activities such as Terrific Tuesdays, Movie Nights, Cary City Meet, and Swim Team Banquet.  Work with the Swim Team Committee as needed to contribute to website and team newsletter.
       Promote team spirit through organizing cheers and socializing with swimmers in all age groups.

5.  Coaching Staff
       Head Coaches will supervise all Assistant Coaches and Interns.
       Head Coaches will administer mid-season and end-of-season reviews to all Assistant Coaches and Interns.  Reviews will be based on feedback from Head Coaches as well as peer coaches.  Parent Coach Liaisons will assist coaches with the written reviews and administration of the reviews.
       Work together with the entire staff at weekly Wellsley Wave Coaches' Meetings to promote and encourage brainstorming of new ideas and plan for the week ahead.  Encourage equality, respect, and communication among entire staff.
       Help Assistant Coaches create and run at least one practice, and help those who express an interest to learn how to use the team software for meet line-ups and data entry.  Supervise coaching staff in taking attendance at all practices.

6.  Required Certification
       Each Head Coach is required to have Red Cross certification in Lifeguard Training.
       Each Head Coach is required to have current certifications in CPR and Community First Aid.
       Copies of certifications for Head Coaches will be required prior to first practice.

The Wellsley Wave Swim Team Hiring Committee is now accepting applications for our coaching staff for the upcoming swim season, May through July. To apply, please submit an application to Jason Tomberlin. It may be hand delivered to 104 Kettlewell Ct. or e-mailed to

Your Name:  

E-mail address:  
Any additional email address included on correspondence:

Phone number:  


Age on May 31, 2016: 

Rising Grade in School/College (this upcoming Fall):  

Will you be swimming on the Wellsley swim team this summer? 

State the parts of the job in which you have the most interest: 

Swimming Related Experiences, number of years participation, etc:

State your other experiences and qualifications for the job: 

What is your projected availability (i.e. approximate # hours per week, scheduled vacation, other time/schedule conflicts in morning vs. afternoon that you currently know about)

State any experience/preference for working with certain age groups (10 & under, 11-14, 15 and up)

List any certifications you currently have (Lifeguard, CPR, First Aid etc)


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