Thursday, June 8, 2017

For teams that use Hy-Tek's Meet Manager or Team Manager

As in previous seasons, I have created a set of meet databases and meet events files covering this year’s TSA season for use by teams that own Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager (MM) or Team Manager (TM) programs, so please share this announcement with your coaches and the folks who handle technology for your team.

The first item is a collection of meet events files for Team Manager users. There are actually four separate sets of meet events zip files inside the master zip file: one set for each combination of pool length (25 yards or 25 meters) and meet event ordering (normal TSA event order vs. “6 and under first” variant). Each set contains six meet events files, one for each dual meet date this season. Unzip the appropriate one for each of your meets and import it into Team Manager.

The second item is a collection of template Meet Manager databases configured for TSA dual meets. These will be used by meet administrators who produce heat sheets, import swimmer times, etc. There is one template for each of the four meet type combinations mentioned above. Meet administrators will need to adjust the meet date from week to week; the templates start out with the date of this season’s first meet (June 13).

Note that the events files for meets at 25 meter pools (about 10 percent of TSA teams host meets at such facilities; most TSA pools are 25 yards long) have the 6 & Under races listed as being 15 meters long. This is purely an artifact of the software -- TM and MM can’t handle a meet containing a mix of yard-based and meter-based events. The important thing to bear in mind is that the actual 6&U race distance is invariant regardless of pool length: it must always be announced by the Starter as “15 yards” and the finish rope must be placed 15 yards from the blocks, in accordance with rule 102.1.1.A.

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