Monday, June 16, 2008

The 2008 season begins!

I hope everyone is ready for the first TSA dual meets coming up Tuesday! I have a few miscellaneous reminders on that topic…

  • The list of officially TSA-certified Stroke & Turn Judges is available here. Thanks to Tony McCullough and his Clinics Committee for holding all the training clinics, and to Vice-President Ira Planer for keeping track of judges certified by USA Swimming and other authorities. If a team finds itself lacking a properly-qualified judge at a meet, the rules for determining the next-best alternatives can be found here.
  • Remember that the home team’s TSA Rep is responsible for logging in to the TSA web site and posting meet results within 24 hours after the conclusion of the meet. Meet scores entered on the site by 10:00 PM Wednesday will be printed in the “Scoreboard” page of the Sports section of Thursday’s News & Observer every week, so don’t delay! All of you should have logged in to your TSA web site accounts by now to look around at the “results” entry page, so please do this ASAP if you haven’t gotten to it yet.
  • Both teams’ TSA Reps should be familiar with the duties enumerated in the TSA Rep Meet Checklist. Remember to bring hard copies of your team roster and your team records (as well as pool records for home meets) to every meet.

Tuesday’s weather forecast is looking good so far (cross fingers!), but every Rep should be familiar with section 102.7 of the TSA rulebook in case inclement weather rears its head again. Remember that our minimum postponement in cases of thunder or lightning has increased to 30 minutes this year (but if the host pool has an even stronger policy, that interval applies instead.)

May all your swimmers have exciting and fulfilling seasons!


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