Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stroke and Turn Clinic and breaststroke question

Thanks to Marcia Dettloff for instructing at the Stroke and Turn Clinic in Cary June 3! And thanks to Oxxford Hunt for hosting the standing room only clinic for TSA judges.

Marcia has the Clinic handout, swimming videos and notes for USAS Officials on her web site(Scroll down for TSA information):

Clinic Handout:

Here is the information requested concerning Breaststroke:
At in the “About” section you can find Official 2008 Tarheel Swimming Association rules under “TSA Forms.” See Article 101.1.2 on Breaststroke (page 7) which states “the hands shall not be brought beyond the hip line, except during the first stroke after the start and each turn.”

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tony mccullough said...

The TSA EXCEPTION for 6 and under Breaststroke(TSA Rule 101.5.2) states:
-The swimmer's arms and legs must be moving in an effort to do the stroke and kick correctly. A flutter or scissors kick will result in disqualification.

This would seem to allow the judge to make a determination when arms pass the hips.