Thursday, July 31, 2008

Educational Grant Winners for 2008 Announced

TSA Board Members,

I am pleased to announce that the following 20 individuals, having met all of the eligibility requirements, have each been selected as recipients of one of the 400 TSA Educational grants for the 2008 swim season.

Heather Ahmed-Lochmere
Lauren Bays-Greystone
Tracy Brader-Lake Park
Elizabeth Brunk-Stonebridge
Lindsay Cardamone-Planter's Walk
Andy Chansler-Wakefield
Michelle Detloff-Medfield
Beau Dove-Cary Swim Club
Hannah Facchine-Dutchman Downs
Brandon Fannon-Durant Trails
Nick Heyl-Summerfield North
Brendan Hipps-Scottish Hills
Amy Holsinger-Prestonwood
Charlie Johnson-Durant Trails
Katherine Kirk-North Raleigh
Jessica O'Shea-Silverton
Megan Peters-Northbrook
Bennett Rosenthal-Wakefield
Catherine Taylor-Kildaire Farms
Matt Werner-Graystone

Congratulations to all of our winners! The individual notification letters and checks will be going out to the winners in the next week or so.

The selection was performed by Bob Goudreau and myself on Sunday evening (7/27) using a double blind random drawing methodology, where random numbers were generated and then applied to the randomly-sorted list of candidates to determine the winners. Bob and I then simultaneously exchanged information to ensure 100% accuracy.

Whether our senior swimmers were grant winners or not, the entire TSA organization is extremely proud of all of the hard work, sportsmanship and dedication that all of our graduating swimmers have demonstrated over the years and we wish all of them the very best in their post high-school pursuits!

Keep on swimming!


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