Friday, July 25, 2008

The End (of the season) approacheth

[Originally emailed on Sunday 7/20]:

Hello everyone,

I hope you’ve all had a good season so far. It’s amazing how quickly it all rushes by, and now here we are, two days away from the final meets of the summer. Let’s pray that the weather on Tuesday is as cooperative as it’s been for the other meets this season.

A few things I’d like you all to keep in mind over the next few days…

1) Census: If you don’t already have an extra printed copy of your team’s roster (and remember, you’re supposed to give one to the other team’s rep before every meet), please put one aside for yourself before the season ends. You will need this information in a few weeks, when I send out the post-season survey. One of the most important questions on the survey is how many swimmers your team had this season. If you have a roster set aside, you will be able to answer this question quickly and accurately. (And accuracy is important – we don’t want people making estimates for this figure; we want hard numbers.)

2) Survey questions: While we’re on the topic of the post-season survey, now is the time to send me any suggestions for questions you would like to have on the survey. Some of you have already done this over the past few months – if you have, please send your suggestions in again, as otherwise I might lose track of them. Please send all survey suggestions in by the end of the month (July 31) so that I can prepare the survey itself for use in early August.

3) Officer positions: Vice-president Ira Planer and Treasurer Nita Dail will be stepping down after their terms end next January. Please consider standing for one of these posts. Ira and Nita (or I) can answer any questions you may have about the duties of each office (which, rest assured, are not onerous).

4) Grants: As Secretary Rick Rudd reminded everyone a few days ago, entries for the TSA Educational Grants drawing are due no later than 24 hours after the end of your last meet. Realistically, almost all your eligible swimmers will have already qualified for entry, so please send him the information sooner than that if you can. Rick and I will conduct the double-blind drawing of the winning numbers as soon as possible after the deadline, so please let him know in advance if you expect to send him anything later than Tuesday. We will announce the winners as soon as we have completed the drawing. Also, remember to alert your rising senior swimmers of the Pool Professionals Partnership scholarship. They must apply themselves for that scholarship by September 1st.

5) Division titles and trophies: As soon as the final meet results are posted, VP Ira Planer will determine the winner of each division, and the overall league champion. If your team page doesn’t already list your team’s full name (including the mascot part of the name, such as “Sharks”, “Dolphins”, etc.), it would be very helpful if you could add that now. Ira will double-check all the spellings before we send out the trophy order, so you will get a chance to review your team name before it’s engraved in metal. Make sure you are clear on how your team spells its name – TSA has one team of “Sea Dragons” and another of “Seadragons”, for instance.

Best of luck to you and your teams for the remainder of the summer!


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