Monday, September 22, 2008

2009 Board of Directors Meetings

Seats and parking spaces at Board of Directors meetings have been tight for the past two years; we are simply growing too large for the Powell Drive Park facility. As I mentioned last year, we are running out of options with Raleigh city park sites and we need to consider other options. Thanks to several suggestions from members of the Board, we now have meeting places booked for every one of our 2009 meetings.

We’re going to do something a bit different this time. Instead of sticking with one location as much as possible, we’re going to spread our meetings around a bit, among three different sites (all of them still reasonably close to TSA’s geographic center). This will be slightly less convenient than having one main meeting place, but it will give us more experience with the different options that are available. I will definitely be soliciting feedback on all three venues during next fall’s post-season survey, and that feedback will in turn play a part in where we choose to book our 2010 Board meetings. So please come with an open mind, but do take note of what you do and don’t like about each particular location.

Board meetings will continue to be held at 7:00 PM on the third Tuesday of each month. The 2009 meeting lineup is as follows:

January 20th at the Triangle Aquatic Center (TAC), located at 275 Convention Drive in Cary (Exit 291 from I-40, then turn left into Cary Towne Center mall at first traffic signal).

February 17th at University Club, located at 4200 Hillsborough Street in Raleigh (Exit 3 from the I-440 Beltline)

March 17th at Northbrook Country Club, located at 4905 North Hills Drive in Raleigh (Exit 7 from the I-440 Beltline, then right onto Lead Mine Road and right onto North Hills Drive)

April 21st at the TAC The April meeting has been canceled.

May 19th at University Club

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