Monday, September 22, 2008

Post-Season Survey

Almost half of this year’s 71 teams still have not completed the post-season survey. Please take care of this as soon as you can; every team must complete at least the nine questions in the “Team Information” and “TSA Committees” sections even if you choose to skip the rest of the survey. Teams that still owe responses are:

Bedford at Falls River
Black Horse Run
Dutchman Downs
Haddon Hall
Holland’s Crossing
Jewish Community Center
Kildaire Farms
Lake Park
North Hills
North Ridge
Oak Park
Raleigh Racquet
Regency Park
Scott’s Mill
Scottish Hills
Seven Oaks
Silverton (
answers from second half of the survey got mangled by web-site; please complete another response that includes the team name and then skips down to the question about swim caps)
The Reserve
University Club
Wood Valley (
survey was partially completed, but team size was omitted; please submit another response answering just the team name and team size questions)
Zebulon & Zebulon CC

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