Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stroke and turn judge certification is available online now. TSA stroke and turn judges can become certified by completing the online course and test.

This course is offered completely online and may be taken at user’s convenience, including stopping at any point and resuming later, repeating sections, etc. Certification takes about two hours to complete, including post-training exam. Training and exam both use video clips extensively.

An exam grade of 80 percent or better is required to pass. The user must pay $12.95 fee to take course; each team can decide on its own whether to reimburse judges who use this. Please be sure to select the TSA and your club in the profile section under League/Team Affiliation.

The course is based on USA Swimming rules, so there are only a few minor differences from TSA:
• Covers Individual Medley, which TSA doesn’t use
• Some sections about officials refer to the Head Judge and Meet Referee, posts which don’t exist separately in TSA (the two TSA Reps, acting jointly, are the only officials in charge of Stroke & Turn Judges at a TSA meet)

Note that this is an alternative option for certification and is not required! TSA will still offer traditional (free) S&T clinics which will be announced soon. Also, S&T Judge certifications from USA Swimming, NCAA, NCHSAA or YMCA are still accepted by TSA; send name, team, certification body, certification number and certification expiration date to

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