Thursday, June 6, 2013

2013 TSA Championship Meet Post#2

TSA Reps and Coaches,

You can find the Meet File for the 2013 TSA Championship Meet as well as Meet Information now posted under the 2013 TSA Champs tab at  Please review the meet information carefully.

A few reminders as you complete your team entries.
1) Remember – SATURDAY TEAMS:  EVENTS 101-166,   SUNDAY TEAMS:  EVENTS 201-266.
2) 6 & Unders swimmers - please adjust their times for 25 yards by multiplying by 1.7
3) Please identify your team in the subject line when emailing.  If you have not sent me 3 email addresses that will be used to send all future information, please do so as soon as possible.
4) You will receive your volunteer INSTRUCTIONS shortly. We are using an online signup form this year. Each team is asked to provide 2 timers (larger teams 2 timers per session) or clerk of course volunteers, at least 1 stroke & turn official and each team may have 2 “kid pushers” for the morning sessions.
5) WAIVERS - Every swimmer entered must have one!  Please alphabetize these before turning in.  They can be mailed or dropped off at TAC.
6) Design a team sign or poster.  Each morning, the teams will meet in the parking lot and enter the pool together.  Display your sign so swimmers can find you and it can be used on deck also.

7) Email or call if you have any question!


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