Wednesday, June 12, 2013

TAC Titans registration is now open

The vision of a unified year-round swim team fully aligned with a state-of-the art home pool facility providing public access to quality health, safety, recreation and competition aquatic programming for Triangle citizens has been part of the Triangle Aquatic Center’s (“TAC”) long-term vision from its inception in 2002. On April 8th, 2013, the TITANS began a journey of excellence and the fulfillment of the long-term vision that will provide a progression of infant through senior health, safety, recreation and competition aquatic programming that will benefit swimmers, parents, coaches and the Triangle community.

Vertically integrating and aligning life-saving learn to swim programs into the TITANS Tracks year-round swim team (Preparatory - Challenge – Elite) within its own home pool facility, the clean and quality $15 mil Triangle Aquatic Facility, will better promote the health and safety benefits of swimming and allow each child to grow and compete based on their individual abilities and level of passion.

TAC believes that joining together around a unified vision and common set of goals to promote and build competitive swimming in the Triangle to heights it has never achieved before will yield valuable benefits for the children, parents, coaches and the Triangle community. There are many good aquatic organizations in the Triangle but TAC, and now the TITANS, are on a focused and passionate aquatic journey where the only acceptable destination is great!
We invite all swimmers in the Triangle to join in the mission and unified vision of TAC and the TAC TITANS and 
become part of the journey to greatness. COME CHECK US OUT AT Evaluations will begin in July for appropriate group levels assignments.

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