Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Meet Central from HydroXphere

With the upcoming TSA Board meeting, I want to introduce myself and let you all know that I will be at TAC next Tuesday—I would love to meet all of you after the meeting. My team and I are excited for another year of great TSA swimming. TSA is near and dear to my heart; from the time I was five to 18 years old, I swam at Oak Park. Club swimming instilled my lifelong passion for the sport, and we are now thrilled to be able to give back to the community.

My company HydroXphere is proud to introduce our product Meet Central. Meet Central is the only operating system designed specifically for summer swim clubs.

What HydroXphere is All About

At HydroXphere (pronounced Hydrosphere) we are bringing TSA our product--Meet Central--the only mobile-based swim meet operating system. Meet Central allows you to run a summer swim meet in less time, with fewer volunteers, and with no manual complexity.

Meet Central streamlines swim meets by reducing the number of volunteers needed to run the meet, as well as the complexity of paper-based scoring. With Meet Central, times and DQs are sent automatically to the scorekeeper, which ultimately means a shorter swim meet--leaving more time for parents and swimmers to celebrate after Meet Central swim meet.
The heart of a Meet Central swim meet is our app, currently available for iPhone and iPad. The Meet Central app is free to download and use! For a walkthrough on how to use the app before you’re a registered HydroXphere member, stick around Tuesday night and I'll give you a walkthrough. Currently, you could use Meet Central to time a swimmer during practice, time a runner, or time your dog while he fetches a stick. You could even let someone DQ Fido for a “False Start”!

We’ll be at TAC Tuesday night after the Board meeting to show everyone how to use the Meet Central app. You can use the product without being a registered HydroXphere member; we think that’s pretty cool.

I am looking forward to meeting you all and sharing my love of summer swimming with TSA.

Until then,

Charlie Houchin
2012 US Olympic Gold Medalist
CEO, HydroXphere

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