Sunday, January 19, 2014

Some observations and thoughts about meet scheduling

For those who are interested in the low-level details and challenges of putting together a TSA dual meet schedule, I’ve written a treatise on this subject, aimed at the general TSA audience. I approached this task as an amateur, since I’ve never been personally involved in the schedule composition process. But the more I have learned about the challenges and intricacies of this topic, the more impressed I've become with the job that TSA’s Leagues and Scheduling committee has done over the years. Rubik’s cube, Jenga, house of cards – use any analogy you want, but constructing a working TSA schedule of 240-odd dual meets that fulfills the basic requirements of the scheduling model while still managing to cater to most of the special requests made by clubs is a complex and delicate puzzle of the highest order.

Please don’t hesitate to send me feedback, especially corrections to any errors you may spot. I’m particularly interested in how people feel about the new scheduling option proposed in the document.

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