Tuesday, April 28, 2015

More information on clinics

There are no fees for any clinics.  No reservations or sign up is required. It is required that you sign in at the clinic that you attend in order to obtain credit for the attendance.  You must also stay the entire time of the clinic. If you can't stay the entire time, please select one that you can.

The online strokeandturn.com is an alternative method of obtaining stroke and turn certification for the TSA summer league. There is a $25.00 fee for this course.  TSA offers this as an alternative for those who can not attend a clinic. If you obtain certification via strokeandturn.com it is your responsibility to know the differences between what they teach on line and our TSA league rules,
(yes there are some slight differences).

Please note that it is not the recommendation of the clinics committee that a person without stroke and turn experience become certified via strokeandturn.com.  We also recommend that if it is your first year as a stroke and turn official or a starter that you find a mentor on your team or a neighboring team.


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