Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2008 swim meet calendar

As you can see in the survey results, a majority of the clubs that answered the meet schedule question voted to keep TSA meets on Tuesday nights, though a sizeable minority would like to investigate other options. There was no consensus to make any binding schedule decisions before we meet in January, so we will discuss all options at that first Board meeting.

Before that meeting, I urge all of you to discuss this matter with the governing bodies of your club and your team to get their input on the issue. Most of the proposed alternatives are bound to have an effect on the other users of your pool, so it is essential to find out what your club is willing to allow. For example, some clubs may be unwilling to consider hosting Saturday morning swim meets because weekends might be the time when the pool is most in demand by their general membership. At least one club would be unable to participate in Friday night or Saturday meets for religious reasons. There are bound to be other examples of particular times of week not working for particular clubs, but we can't make good decisions about our meet calendar unless each of us has a good understanding of our own club's scheduling latitude.

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