Friday, November 30, 2007

TSA web site accounts

All your existing rep accounts on the main TSA web site will continue to exist. Starting this year, we will not be resetting everyone’s account passwords over the winter, so you can continue to log in with your current password (send email to me if you’ve forgotten it and need it be reset). Thanks to work done this year by our webmaster Fred Burke, each of you now has the ability to manage your own club’s TSA Reps and Alternates: add a new rep or alt, deactivate the account of a retiring rep or alt, or toggle someone’s role between rep and alt. You can use these new features by logging in and clicking on the “club” link. For now, I do ask that you let me know if your club is getting a new rep or alternate, so that I can invite them to join the blog also. I hope to make step unnecessary in the future by having the TSA web site generate such notifications automatically, but we’ll have to do it manually for the time being.

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bob goudreau said...

[The original instantiation of this post had the following comment from TSA web master Fred Burke:

"We might want to re-evaluate the idea of not resetting passwords. Maybe we should reset those where the user has not entered their own password but leave alone those account where the password was changed."

I then posted the following response comment:

Fred, I don't know how to tell easily whether a user has ever reset his or her password (other than the laborious approach of manually trying to log in using the default password to each of the 100+ accounts, which I am not eager to try). Is this something that can be seen in the administrative interface?

Even if it is, I don't see much point in simply changing someone's password from last year's default to this year's default.