Sunday, July 26, 2009

Announcing the TSA Educational Grant Winners for 2009

Board Members,

I am pleased to announce that Bob Goudreau, Mike Kaufman and I conducted the random selection process last Thursday night (7/23) and selected the following 20 individuals as recipients of one of the $400 TSA Educational Grants for the 2009 swim season:

Charlie Holland - Apex
James Harrison Ashworth - Bentwinds
Scott Graham - Cary
Thomas Whitehead - Cary
Andreia Wehrle - Devereaux
Kirby Trundle - Greystone
Tommy Brader - Lake Park
Bill Wagner - MacGregor Downs
Katie Kelly - Manchester
Michelle Delellis - Oxxford Hunt
Jack Friesen - Planter's Walk
Whitney Sweesy - Prestonwood
Sam Toumey - Quail Hollow
Kristin White - Shepherd's Vineyard
Jackie Navarro - Stonebridge
Jeff Beale - Stonebridge
Matt Peterson - Wellsley
Teagan Miller - Wellsley
David Hurley - Wood Valley
John Isaac Jordan - Wood Valley

Congratulations to all the winners!

The executive board is in the process of completing the administrative activities relative to issuing the grant checks and all recipients can expect to see their checks within the next week.

Rick Rudd
TSA Secretary

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