Friday, July 17, 2009

Pool Management Companies

Hi All,

I am probably a bit off topic for most of you, but I am taking a shot at this anyways. In addition to being one of the TSA reps, I am on the Pool Committee for our subdivision. We are interested in, at least, talking to some other pool maintenance companies. The one we have is not horrible, but really likes to let us know that we are only one of seventy pools they service. I guess we are just not too high on the priority list. We currently have a salt water system which is spectacular and I definitely want to keep.

Do any of you know anything about your current pool management companies or can you put me in touch with the person who does??? I've been told that with pool servicing we can only hope to find "the best of the worst" and although that might be true, I hope that with the network we have going here we could actually change that :) The word of mouth and manpower certainly exists.

Thank you in advance for any help and information you are able to send my way.

Best Regards,

Wendy Cox
Hollands Crossing Sea Devil's

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