Saturday, July 25, 2009

End of Season Notes

We lucked out with the weather on Tuesday, so the 2009 season was able to end on schedule. I hope everyone had an enjoyable season. Before you clear your mind of all things TSA for the rest of the summer, I would like to ask everyone to take care of a few end-of-season housekeeping tasks:

1) Please verify that your 2009 team size listed on your team’s page on the TSA web site is accurate, and correct it if it is not. The easiest way to check is to count the number of names on your printed roster from the final meet. To set this on your team page, log into and click on the “club” link, followed by the “Update your club’s information” link.

2) While you’re logged in and updating your club info, please also fill in the mascot field if it is blank. Having this information helps us greatly when ordering divisional champion trophies. Be sure to pluralize your mascot (e.g., “Killer Whales” instead of “Killer Whale”), unless your team is known collectively by a singular noun (e.g. “Carolina Courage”, “Orlando Magic”).

3) Also check for any other blank fields in the club info section and fill them in, especially phone number and address information for your pool.

4) Remember to remind your team’s rising high school seniors (not graduates) of the $1000 Pool Professionals Partnership Scholarship. Information is available online, and the application deadline is September 1st.

5) If you have any swimmers who may be interested in learning or playing water polo, please spread the word about water polo clinics about clinics at TAC offered by the Triangle Water Polo Club.

6) I’ll be sending out the postseason survey sometime next month. Please let me know about any specific questions that you would like to see on this year’s survey.

7) Remember that the two year terms of the President and Secretary are expiring at the end of this year. If you would like to stand for either of these posts in the on-line election this fall, please notify any current officer.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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