Tuesday, March 8, 2016

June 25 Relay Meet

We are looking to host a Relay only Meet June 25 at Cary Swim Club.   In order for this to happen we need to have commitments by May 15 from enough teams to make this viable. The basic format is:



June 25, 2016

Warm-ups -     7:00 am
Meet Start -     8:30 am

     Boys Event #___________               Event___                                      Girls Event #__   
               1                                      8&U 100 yd Medley Relay                                 2
          3                                     9-10 100 yd Medley Relay                                     4
          5                                   11-12 200 yd Medley Relay                              6           
          7                                  13-14 200 yd Medley Relay                              8
          9                                 15-18 200 yd Medley Relay                              10
          11                               8&U 100 yd Freestyle Relay                             12
          13                                9-10 100 yd Freestyle Relay                             14
          15                              11-12 200 yd Freestyle Relay                           16
          17                              13-14 200 yd Freestyle Relay                           18
          19                                15-18 200 yd Freestyle Relay                           20
          21                                Crescendo Freestyle Relay                               22

We received feedback when we tried to do this last year that the process was difficult, the timing was bad and while people really liked the concept it was a challenge for teams to participate.  In an attempt to provide a fun, quality relay competition, we have made the following changes to make the meet more appealing to teams.

1.      There will be no qualifying process.  Teams will be entered on a first entries sent in process, until the meet is full.  The qualifying process created much of the confusion.  This will now be just a normal meet entry. 
2.      We have moved the meet to an earlier date (June 25) to avoid the very busy month of July. 
3.      We are asking any team that plans on attending this meet to please email wavecoaches@newwaveswimteam.org prior to May 15, so that we can judge interest.   Due to a lack of teams submitting entries last year we had to cancel the meet. Shortly after canceling, several teams indicated their displeasure as they had planned on coming but had not submitted an entry yet.  
4.      All questions can also be submitted to the email address above.

This sort of meet is held in many other areas of the country with great success and fun.  We felt that we could help bring an exciting format to the TSA teams and their swimmers.  We hope that you consider participating in this year’s Relay Championship

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