Monday, January 19, 2009

January Board of Directors meeting

A reminder: our first Board meeting of 2009 is coming up tomorrow night (Tuesday, January 20) at 7:00 at the Triangle Aquatic Center. If you can, please print and bring your own copy of the meeting agenda. A limited number of hard copies will be available for those unable to bring their own.

One high-priority issue to think about before the meeting: no one has yet expressed interest in serving as TSA Treasurer for the term spanning this year and next. Our current Treasurer, Nita Dail, no longer has any children swimming in TSA and has therefore opted not to stand for reelection. So before we leave Tuesday night, we must identify someone in the room to serve as Treasurer! Please review the job description on page 3 of the agenda and consider serving in this office; you will see that it is not a very onerous or time-consuming position and that no special qualifications are required.

See you there!

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