Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Results of Post-season Survey

At long last, the results of the 2008 post-season survey are ready. My apologies for leaving it so late; I should have started badgering the late responders sooner so that all the results would have been in before mid-December. Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the entire survey.

As with the previous survey, I have broken the results up into separate thematic sections, each represented by one of the links below. As before, all results are anonymous, and a few comments have been redacted [denoted by square brackets like this] to remove specific identifying information. All financial information has been aggregated over large numbers of teams, so it will not be possible to deduce specific dollar amounts spent by any particular club.

Survey sections:

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Bob Goudreau said...

I've updated the "Historical Trends" section of the Census document to include some new information on (formerly missing) team counts from the late 1980s. The graph now also shows the breakdown of teams into a North League and South League starting in the mid-1990s. Thanks to Leagues & Scheduling Chairman Bill Grussemeyer for unearthing all this data!