Monday, January 19, 2009

Possible postponement of Tuesday's Board of Directors meeting

It looks like TSA can't escape weather worries even when the pools are closed. With a threat of winter weather approaching, we may not be able to hold our first Board meeting tomorrow night. Stay tuned to this blog -- I will post a go/no-go decision no later than noon Tuesday.

If we are forced to postpone the meeting, it would be made up exactly one week later (7:00 PM on Tuesday, January 27) at the same location (TAC in Cary). I realize that some of you may have schedule conflicts next week, so if we do end up postponing, please get one of your club's Alternate Reps to come. If you don't have an Alternate Rep, please designate some member of your club to attend.

In the meantime, Leagues & Scheduling chairman Bill Grussemeyer is already accepting your feedback about the proposed team rankings and would like to get everyone's input by the end of Wednesday the 28th regardless of when we hold the Board meeting. So please study the rankings proposal in the agenda and send Bill your comments. If you downloaded a copy of the agenda prior to 5 PM today, please retrieve it again. The original version contained errors in the South League rankings proposal on page 6: the "2008 Rank" column actually contained 2007 rankings, and the "Potential Rank Change" column was therefore also incorrect. A second version of the agenda (marked as such at the top of page 1 and the bottom of page 6) is now available that corrects those errors.

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