Monday, January 26, 2009

Swim Across America-Making Waves to Fight Cancer-Quick Style

Please join the swimming community in helping Richard fight! Please post attached are your local club, Year Round Club or YMCA to get the word out!!!!! Richard is the current Auburn University Swim Coach and is in the battle of his life! Go to your local pool and swim on February 14th as one, as strength is gained in numbers and with each and everyone of you, we can make a difference!!!!!!

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As most of you have heard, one of America’s most respected and decorated Swim Coaches, Richard Quick, has been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. In the world of swimming, he has "done it all" – coached six US Olympic Swimming Teams, led his collegiate teams to 12 NCAA titles, inspired every swimmer he has coached, and led the swimming community with respect and integrity.
Now it is our turn to give back. Richard and his family have teamed up with Swim Across America in an attempt to combat this disease and raise money towards finding a cure. The swimming community is now tasked with joining forces with Richard as he faces this newest challenge in his life.
Many people in the swimming community have asked what they can do to help Richard during these difficult days. "Swim Quick" is a fundraising program developed by Swim Across America to answer this question -- and it provides a tangible way for everyone to support Richard. By collectively donating to Swim Across America and swimming together in his honor, we can share with him how much he has impacted our lives.
Simply go to and donate as generously as you can. You can also register to swim in the event. Or, if you are a coach, you can reach out to your team to participate and dedicate a workout in Richard’s honor. Simply tell your swimmers and parents about the program, ask for donations and collect the funds. All checks can be made out to Swim Across America, Inc. and will be put toward the Richard Quick Endowment.
The event will be held on February 14th, Valentines Day with hundreds of people swimming in his honor and sending him their positive thoughts, prayers and energy while they swim. However, if this day and time doesn’t work with your schedule, you can swim in his honor on any day and at any time that is convenient for you or your team.
Please contact Janel Jorgensen, Executive Director, Swim Across America at or call (888) SWIM-USA. Swim Across America, Inc. is a non-profit organization created over 20 years ago to with the mission of raising money and awareness for cancer research, prevention and treatment. All checks should be payable to Swim Across America, and can be mailed to One International Place, Suite 4600, Boston, MA, 02110.

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